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the oompa loompa just withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal and will reinstate crippling sanctions!

President Rouhani has said Iran will continue with the nuclear deal and will bypass the US to work with the other parties of the deal

the EU’s foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, said the EU will also continue with the deal and make sure it remains fully implemented, “stay true to your commitments as we will stay true to ours”

the EU and the UN’s Atomic Energy Agency have both repeatedly said Iran has been complying with the nuclear deal

by withdrawing let it be known that it was the US which violated the deal (which took 12 years of diplomacy and negotiations to reach), not Iran

the UK remains committed to the deal

France and Germany remain committed to the deal

the EU remains committed to the deal and will protect European companies from US sanctions for trading with Iran

Russia and China are siding with Iran

Iran is ready to continue working with the the Europeans, Russia, and China to keep the deal

Trump is such a fucking moron the only things he’s accomplished is to isolate the US, rally the international community around Iran, and weaken the US’ global influence. 

I hope he just keeps driving this train wreck straight into pariah statedom

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