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[ image is a picture of Ronald Reagan in black and white and transparent grey text above that says, “introducing crack cocaine into black American neighbourhoods was chemical warfare too.” ]

Crack fucking devastated communities and the help of the devastation came mostly from police using crack as an excuse to basically bulldoze predominantly poor black neighbourhoods. 

Why? Because there were uprisings happening and people were organizing against the State’s white supremacy and oppression. 

Reaganomics also helped create the skyrocketing unemployment in the 80′s and because people were a lot more poor, expensive drugs did not sell so the batch was recreated to sell back on the market for profit. 

“As the land border became more tightly controlled, cocaine would be shipped via the Caribbean and the Bahamas and end up in Miami. The Contra rebels were in full flow in Nicaragua, and reportedly the CIA turned a blind eye to the rebels exporting significant amounts of cocaine for funding.”

It proliferated in these poorer, often African American, communities, and people quickly found that the intense fifteen-minute high was incredibly addictive. People started to do anything for their next hits. Crime rose significantly thanks to this new drug, and homicides more than doubled among teenagers and twenty-somethings.”

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