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May 23 2018



White person: Not everything is racist!

Me, a marginalized person who understands that systems of oppression impact societal norms, business practices, laws, policing, education, and entertainment industries: 

Didn’t think I’d have to roll this post out again so soon since White people want to be ignorant on this beautiful Friday night.

May 22 2018

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North and South, Be United to Open the Road to National Revival! ✪

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I made this powerpoint for this week’s lesson - Regional/Iconic American Foods. I went back through and replaced all the text with my student’s reactions.

… corn?

This is adorable






the oompa loompa just withdrew America from the Iran nuclear deal and will reinstate crippling sanctions!

President Rouhani has said Iran will continue with the nuclear deal and will bypass the US to work with the other parties of the deal

the EU’s foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini, said the EU will also continue with the deal and make sure it remains fully implemented, “stay true to your commitments as we will stay true to ours”

the EU and the UN’s Atomic Energy Agency have both repeatedly said Iran has been complying with the nuclear deal

by withdrawing let it be known that it was the US which violated the deal (which took 12 years of diplomacy and negotiations to reach), not Iran

the UK remains committed to the deal

France and Germany remain committed to the deal

the EU remains committed to the deal and will protect European companies from US sanctions for trading with Iran

Russia and China are siding with Iran

Iran is ready to continue working with the the Europeans, Russia, and China to keep the deal

Trump is such a fucking moron the only things he’s accomplished is to isolate the US, rally the international community around Iran, and weaken the US’ global influence. 

I hope he just keeps driving this train wreck straight into pariah statedom



My heart gets heavy thinking about the giant trash island in the ocean.

Yeah england is a joke

Seoul tricked N. Korea waitresses into defecting: manager | AFP.com


The 12 North Korean waitresses who ‘defected’ from China two years ago were tricked into doing so in an operation by the South’s intelligence services, their manager told South Korean television in a bombshell revelation.

The high-profile case has long been controversial, with Pyongyang insisting the women had been kidnapped and saying there would be no more reunions of families divided by the Korean War unless they were returned. Seoul insisted that they had defected of their own free will.

But Heo Gang-il, the manager of the North Korean restaurant in Ningbo where they worked, said he had lied about their final destination and blackmailed them into following him to the South.

Heo told JTBC television he had been recruited by Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) in China in 2014.

Fearing exposure in 2016, he asked his NIS handler to arrange his defection. At the last minute the minder told him to bring his staff too.

“The 12 waitresses did not know where they were going,” Heo told JTBC’s Spotlight, one of the South’s top investigative current affairs programmes.

“I told them we were relocating,” he said.

The women only realised their final destination when they arrived outside the South Korean embassy in Malaysia.

When they hesitated to enter the building, one of them told the show, “manager Heo threatened us, saying he will tell security authorities that we watched South Korean TV dramas and we would be executed, or exiled into provinces and our families would also be affected”.

“Thinking back, it was all nonsense but back then, I had no other choice,” she said.

“If it was possible for me to go home even now, I would like to return to the bosom of my mother,” she said.

Campaigners were outraged.

Lawyers for a Democratic Society, an influential group of human rights lawyers which has unsuccessfully been seeking to interview the waitresses, called for a thorough investigation of what they branded a “heinous crime committed by the NIS”.

Those responsible should be given “stern punishment” and “the waitresses must be allowed to return home and reunite with their families”, it said in a statement. …

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Michael Brown Jr.  (May 20, 1996  – August 9, 2014)

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Violence against girls/women is almost always a precursor behavior from the men/boys who commit mass shootings

Toxic masculinity and white supremacy in this country have reached such intense levels as combined into a deadly cocktail that can’t not spill out and kill innocent people.

Here’s the link if people would like it - http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-texas-shooter-20180519-story.html

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Shavua tov

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The Gwangju Massacre began on May 18, 1980 with the explicit involvement of u.$. imperialism, President Jimmy Carter, and amerika’s support of its fascist puppet Chun Doo-hwan.

Long Live The Martyrs of Gwangju!

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Today is the Circassian day of mourning, a day to honor the memory of victims of the genocide perpetrated by the Russian Empire against Adyghe people in XVII-XIX centuries. To this day, Circassians refuse to eat fish from the Black Sea, they believe it has fed on the corpses of their ancestors who drowned down with the plethora of ships that did not survive the mass exodus of Circassians fleeing the genocide.

Today(21st of May 2018) is the 154th anniversary of the day of mourning

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On May 14, Israeli soldiers shot and killed 60 Palestinians and wounded over 2,500 while they were demonstrating inside Gaza. That fact is not in dispute.

But according to Matti Friedman, a Canadian-Israeli author who lives in Jerusalem, neither the snipers who chose their targets and pulled the triggers nor the officers who ordered them to open fire are responsible for the deaths of the Palestinians.

“If the most effective weapon in a military campaign is pictures of civilian casualties, Hamas seems to have concluded, there’s no need for a campaign at all,” Friedman goes on. “All you need to do is get people killed on camera.”

This analysis is — and there really is no other word to describe it — racist. It strips Palestinians of agency; it implies that they do not value their own lives. This is not journalism; it is Israeli government propaganda. Friedman finds nothing to criticize in the Israeli army’s use of deadly force against unarmed civilians. Nowhere does he mention the man-made humanitarian crisis that Israel could easily alleviate. Only Hamas is responsible — not Israeli policy, which has kept Gaza under a choking military closure for 11 years.

But Friedman barely glances at Gaza’s tragedy and its desperation. Instead, he lifts his nose and sniffs “propaganda,” holding the victims responsible for their own suffering and self-righteously telling Jews who disagree with him that they just don’t understand those people as well as he does.

If he were a white South African journalist in the 1980s using this language to describe black anti-apartheid activists, most intelligent readers would rightly have dismissed him as a racist. Let us be consistent in our worldview, rather than adjusting the lens of our compassion so that it blurs and distorts when we look through it at those we fear.

Read more: https://forward.com/opinion/401486/the-racism-of-blaming-palestinians-for-their-own-deaths/

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May 21 2018

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Gay liberation poster, 1970s

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[ image is a picture of Ronald Reagan in black and white and transparent grey text above that says, “introducing crack cocaine into black American neighbourhoods was chemical warfare too.” ]

Crack fucking devastated communities and the help of the devastation came mostly from police using crack as an excuse to basically bulldoze predominantly poor black neighbourhoods. 

Why? Because there were uprisings happening and people were organizing against the State’s white supremacy and oppression. 

Reaganomics also helped create the skyrocketing unemployment in the 80′s and because people were a lot more poor, expensive drugs did not sell so the batch was recreated to sell back on the market for profit. 

“As the land border became more tightly controlled, cocaine would be shipped via the Caribbean and the Bahamas and end up in Miami. The Contra rebels were in full flow in Nicaragua, and reportedly the CIA turned a blind eye to the rebels exporting significant amounts of cocaine for funding.”

It proliferated in these poorer, often African American, communities, and people quickly found that the intense fifteen-minute high was incredibly addictive. People started to do anything for their next hits. Crime rose significantly thanks to this new drug, and homicides more than doubled among teenagers and twenty-somethings.”




someone: yeah my cousin is an Iraq war veteran

me: oh wow epic cringe

some ppl were drafted tho ngl

…No people were drafted for the second Iraq war, they all chose to join…

May 20 2018


the hardest part about becoming a communist was learning how to spell bourgeoisie

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