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June 26 2017

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Kya Ka Ra Ba A (Naomi Kawase, 2001)

June 25 2017

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by Shinichiro Saka

Mount Fuji, Japan

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public art, some made during the Jidar - Toiles de Rue festival (#1 in 2015, #3 in 2016), all in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. 

1) is in diour jamaa. i saw it almost every day and it is one of my favorites. i would walk past it on my way home and would turn around to look up at it. it’s by the artist Franco Fasoli aka JAZ

2) is in hassan/centreville (wasat al medina). it’s called “najma” and it is by the painter Hendrik Beikirch. 

3) i forget where this is but i think it was close to my home in qbibat because i remember walking past it a couple of times and being surprised by it each time! it is called “The Moroccan Weaver Of Rugs” and was painted by Case Ma'Claim. my roommate and i loved this one very much. 

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gay/trans pride icons - shiba inu - anon

please like & credit if used!
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1. view of samaria from the minaret of a mosque.

2. the hill of hebron.

3. mount hermon.

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We all float down here (Source: http://ift.tt/2twGu1k)

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June 24 2017


White LGBT people come up with various flags, make additions to and subtract colors from Gilbert Baker’s original flag, and create variations on the original flag’s theme all the time. Yet when one community - the Philadelphia LGBT community to be specific - wants to include black and brown colors in the flag to 1) highlight the presence of black and brown LGBT people in the city, 2) make notice of the trials and tribulations LGBT people of color have gone through as a result of homophobia and racism, 3) draw attention to intracommunity racism, and 4) remind everyone that LGBT people of color’s contributions to the community have been endless, important, and yet sadly discredited (and even appropriated) - suddenly white LGBT people are all about historical purism! Suddenly they cry that “race and sexuality have nothing to do with each other!”. Does that also apply when white LGBT people refuse to let LGBT people of color into clubs and spaces, or refuse to date them, or don’t even befriend them? Please do let me know. 

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TeleSUR might be the only news outlet to use memes & GIFs in their tweets

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