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October 24 2017

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I’m kitten-sitting for a friend this month. I think we’re getting along. (Source: http://ift.tt/2hO5W1H)

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Kit Butler at Next Management London

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disabled women of color are capable and deserve to be recognized and respected

October 23 2017

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Houtouwan, China - a fishing village abandoned in the early 1990s [1600x1000]

Source: https://openpics.aerobatic.io/

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Kit Butler at Next Management London

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oh boy

oh boy

oh boy

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I’m both lol

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The poster says: Dear neighbors, Please do not feed Vassiliy the cat, because after that he refuses to eat at home! Don’t believe him! He is not hungry!
We love him so much and feed him well!
Yours respectfully, Anya.

  • Уважаемый (m), уважаемая (f), уважаемые (plural) - literally, ‘respected’, the right word to start a formal letter.
  • С уважением - literally, with respect; the reight way to end a formal letter.
  • подкармливать - to give snacks, to give some food - occasionally, not regularly, as an addition to the main meal. Usually, people подкармливают feral cats or dogs.
  • жрать - a colloquial, rude word for есть, to eat;
  • кормить - to feed
  • голодный - hungry.
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Finally Got the News: The Printed Legacy of U.S. Radical Left, 1970-1979 brings together over 250 crisp digital reproductions of rare radical publications from flyers to posters to newspapers as well as original essays by leading historians and movement veterans. Dig into the hidden history of the radical movements of the 1970s with this beautiful, engaging pictorial book.

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