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June 26 2017

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laser-free diet.

y'all need to hear about gerb.

gerb was my high school physics teacher. (gerb is short for mr. gerber.) when we were learning about radiation and whatnot, and we touched on radiation poisoning, gerb decided to tell us a story.

when gerb was in high school, he worked in a supermarket. a cashier. there was this one little old lady, mrs. cassopolis, who was a regular. mrs. cassopolis firmly believed that the lasers used to scan her food items would give her radiation poisoning. they tried to explain that’s not a thing. but old cass wouldn’t hear a word of it.

the employees had to punch in every. last. grocery. item. MANUALLY.

and this woman would buy cartfulls of food every week, like any good grandma trying to feed her five children and eighteen grandchildren every time they come for a Sunday visit. so pretty soon, the employees figured out a strategy to get her on her way and get on with their lives.

one or more employees would distract old cass while the cashier would scan all the items he could as fast as humanly possible while she wasn’t paying attention.

now this supermarket had a rewards program for its most efficient workers. the computer would track how quickly the cashiers scanned items, and how many total they scanned in one day, that kind of thing. so one day, gerb’s boss came to him and said “uh,”

“you scanned three hundred items in six minutes last Tuesday during your shift”
and gerb says “i recall”
“that’s about four times faster than anything i’ve ever seen”
and gerb says “yea ok”
“jeremy what happened?”

and gerb says

“i had to save a little old woman from placebo radiation”

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Longjing tea harvesters, photographed by Michael Yamashita

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Good thread on the Toronto Police/Black Lives Matter/Pride Toronto by @purplechrain

This really is the most important thing to remmber - no one EVER banned cops from being at Pride, that isn’t what cops WANTED. They wanted to be HONORED at Pride SPECIFICALLY for being police, they wanted to march in uniforms and carrying guns through the middle of Pride and force the LGBT community to bow to them. Any cop could go to Pride, but when told they couldn’t make a literal show of force at Pride they asked for its funding to be pulled, like that doesn’t prove exactly why they aren’t welcome

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Top 10 Twitter thread in history


fiscally conservative look like G Easy lmao

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Haifa, Occupied Palestine 1953.

lite self crit before bed:

unfairly jumped on some comrades re: dyke march

but to be absolutely clear:

moving forward, I’m not gonna engage in the discussion about it, so that I don’t lose my temper and say shitty, assumptive things based on lack of sleep and physical exhaustion. the facts can speak for themselves.

I know Leila, and many of the For the People Artists Collective, JVP and INN organizers that were involved in this struggle. i’ve been an organizer and activist in Chicago since i was in high school ten years ago. I was a teenage tankie before we even had the word tankie. i don’t tout my credentials to show that I’m right, but to convey that I am keyed into the situation on a very intimate level. I was not at Dyke March because it was held on shabbat, but rest assured that I saw all the shitstorms raining down on facebook as soon as shabbat ended at 9:30pm on saturday night.

whatever fam. it’s not that important, tbh. this is a distraction from our comrades who were arrested protesting killer cops in pride parades around the country. this has directed us away from the struggles for justice for Philando Castile, Nabra Hassanen, and Charleena Lyles. have we forgotten that two years ago, Jennicet Gutiérrez interrupted Obama to call him out for his bogus progressivism and taking credit for gay marriage? 

Jewish activists were already present and well-represented at Dyke March before instigators came to bring attention to themselves and be divisive. let’s not write them off. and magen david is trauma trigger for many palestinians. it’s sad and unfortunate that our most visible jewish symbol has been twisted as such, but it’s true and we, especially as American Jews living on occupied indigenous land, owe it to palestinians to be mindful of this.

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HamarWeyne, Mogadishu, Somalia.

Controversy arises at Chicago D*ke March


But the parade was met with controversy when collective members carrying rainbow pride flags with a Star of David center were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” reported Windy City Times.

“Anti-semitism is everywhere. I’m not surprised at all,” LGBT historian Sukie de la Croix commented on Facebook. “Nobody is more intolerant of differing opinions than the gay community.”

I want to be clear: American queer Jews were barred from a Pride March because they brought a Jewish Pride flag. Not an Israeli flag. A Jewish Pride flag.

that’s not what happened, and it would be great if folks checked in with Chicago Dyke March organizers to actually understand the situation.

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Since some people were apparently kicked out of Chicago Dyke March this year for carrying this flag, I wanted to show it here flying proudly in SF.

y'all are reblogging this garbage discourse with zero understanding of the actual event. none of y'all live in Chicago. none of y'all know who was involved. just jumping to conclusions and quick to condemn.

no investigation, no right to speak

the THREE people with the flags were from A Wider Bridge, a pinkwashing Israel-advocacy group with a history of islamophobia, and anti-Palestinian racism. they argued with Jewish and Palestinian Dyke March organizers, and repeatedly claimed that Zionism isn’t racism etc hasbara talking points.

trying to jump on this shit and call out antisemitism. you wanna complain about Chicago Dyke March? complain about how it was held on Shabbat Rosh Chodesh and the last day of Ramadan. THAT’s insensitivity.

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“It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag,“ she told Windy City Times.

“They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive,” she added. “Prior to this [march] I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.”

The organizers of the march told the Times the event was a pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist one and that the flags made people feel unsafe.

The dyke march was made to be more inclusive. But it clearly isn’t there yet.
If a Jewish star makes you feel unsafe, how in the hell do you call yourself pro- intersectionality

nah fam

see, these folks coming over to dyke march trying to cause a scene because they wanted their zionism recognized. these were organizers from A Wider Bridge, an organization with a well-documented history of pinkwashing, islamophobia and anti-arabism/anti-palestinianism.

this is not about being inclusive of Jews - many of the people who confronted the people with the flags were Jews themselves. I KNOW both Jews and Palestinians who confronted these instigators. no doubt these people were trying to cause a scene, bring attention to themselves and defame Dyke March.

Judaism has so many symbols. we have menorah 🕎, we have hamsa ✋, we have chai (חי). yes, magen david is the most visible and well-known Jewish symbol, but unfortunately it’s been politicized and co-opted by a racist state.

and you know what? the people with the flags are the ones who are trying to prop up and support that same racist state and its morally corrupt ideology. Zionism is not jewish national liberation, or jewish political sovereignty. it is an autoantisemitic settler colonial project that makes a monolith of Jewish communities and necessitates ethnic cleansing, the disenfranchisement and oppression of non-Jews and non-white Jews, and collective punishment, just to name a few of its crimes. they may be liberals who want to press the idea that their beloved state is a bastion of freedom and tolerance, but this is a ruse to cover up 70 years of military occupation.

this is what magen david has come to represent. a symbol imposed on us Jews by non-Jews that we took up as our own symbol is now used by Jews - the Israeli state - to symbolize their project of systematic oppression of palestinians. magen david is a symbol that can trigger trauma. it’s sad, but it’s true. words and symbols have meanings. it’s the way life works.

Two key things here
One) You can’t take the main symbol of a religion and associate with a country. Jews=/= Israelis and Israelis =/= Jews.
You are taking a pride flag with a star on it and changing the meaning
“70 years of corruption”
Even as a hyperbole that proves something very important.
Why Israel?
Why do you choose to make Israel the Enemy? When other nations exist. Doing much worse.
Taking this as an Israeli pride flag and not a Jewish one then…
Why is the pride american flag allowed?
America has been doing much worse for much longer. But yet those are always welcome.

>> You can’t take the main symbol of a religion and associate with a country.

I’m not the one doing that. that’s what Israel has done. I have to live with it.

Where is the hyperbole? it’s a statement of fact. the state of Israel has occupied Palestine since its inception in 1948, and the west bank and gaza since 1967. that is neither here nor there.

Why is the Israeli state my personal enemy? because I am a jew, and I don’t appreciate ethnic cleansing and cultural erasure being carried out in my name. Additionally, the state of Israel is responsible for a seven-decade long ongoing refugee crisis, one of the worst in history. while it is true that Israel may have seemed like a good option following the Sho’ah, and was able to provide refuge when Jews in MENA countries left their homes, whether motivated by Zionism or escaping antisemitic violence, what was the fate of either group? Holocaust survivors lost their culture, their languages, ways of life in the Sho’ah, and had it replaced with a wholly inorganic settler colonialist one in Israel; they now have little to no access to the reparations paid by the governments of countries that participated in the Holocaust (Germany, Poland, Hungary etc). Jews from MENA countries were regarded with suspicion by the largely ashkenazi authorities, who put them in maabarot (“transit camps”), conducted terrible scientific experimentation on them, and stole their children only to give them to european Jewish families. This only begins to scratch the surface of the mistreatment and disenfranchisement of JEWS by Israel. Imagine how much worse Palestinians are treated! Palestinians whose land has been nearly completely usurped by military occupation, and continues to be swallowed up by new settlers, both economic and ideological. what recourse have palestinians against state, military, or even civilian violence? even their representative bodies are toothless - the PA is just a puppet of Israel. And Gaza, which has been under blockade for at least 10 years now - how bleak is their situation? how little electricity are they down to now? allegedly because they voted for the party that would fight for them. this is the desperation of living in an open air prison, occupied militarily for 50 years. 

The Israeli state is an antihumanist state that seeks only to usurp more power and more land with complete disregard for any lives except those that prop it up and are useful to its goals, just like all settler colonial regimes. it hates the people it subjugates (Palestinians, other non-Jews, asylum seekers, and non-white/european/assimilated Jews), and subjects them to varying degrees of oppression and literal torture.

and I’m not EVEN singling Israel out here. neither I nor the organizers of Dyke March have any kind feelings towards the settler colonial regimes in the US, or Canada, or Australia, or for the european imperial powers (UK, France, Germany, Belgium etc) for that matter. other nations might do bad things, but so does Israel, and if Jews don’t stand up and point it out, then we’ve lost as humans and as Jews.

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Happy National Aboriginal Day, Canada!

Neither has any politician in 150 years. Yes it’s way over due, but the snipping at Trudeau is rubbish. He didn’t start the fire.

Who gives a shit that he didn’t start the fire? Like seriously. He not only has the power to change this, he has a literal mandate from the judicial system demanding that he does so.

He didn’t personally establish the Canada as a white supremacist settler colony. But he’s still the current person stewarding that order.

He promised to start putting the fire out.

He hasn’t.

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Where did you hear that from?

it’s not true


Full offence, but if you’re in law enforcement and you shoot into a car with a four year-old child sitting in the backseat because you “feared for your life,” then you’re not only a fucking failure as a police officer, but you’re also a pile of shit human being who isn’t worth the piece of paper your birth certificate is printed on.

Like, not only did Jeronimo Yanez literally murder Philando Castile in coldblood for no good reason other than “I think Black people are scary,” but he also put his well-being (which wasn’t even under threat in the fucking first place) above that of a preschooler. He decided in that moment, based on nothing but a racist pre-judgment, that his life was worth more than that of a little four-year-old girl, and in a world with any justice he would have been locked up for that reason right along with a manslaughter conviction. 

The jury for this case basically just looked this poor, absolutely traumatised little girl in the eye and said “We think you are disposable.” Obviously, they thought the same of Philando Castile. 

There is no non-Black person in this country who should not be wallowing in shame right now; our depravity is a scourge. 

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