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one of the most annoying things about royal weddings is all the middle class liberals who come out with their tepid takes about how they ‘don’t mind the royals, actually’ as if a liberal having no problem with unearned wealth and privilege is some massive shocker 

Innit. Especially now these two are ‘socially conscious’, the mc liberals can really give that royal arse a good tonguing. The Queen knows what she’s doing, she’s adapting the monarchy to the times. They could go on for another 50 years like this.

The royal family existing is profitable for the UK as a whole, because it basically funds half the tourism industry. They’re obnoxious, but getting rid of them would actively harm the working class in many of the places most hostile to the working class. Get off your bloody high horse. 

actually socialising their wealth would benefit the working class directly and we’d get even more tourists when the palaces are fully open to the public, like in the other countries that have done the sensible thing and gotten rid of their monarchies.

In 2016/2017 just under 2,000,000 people visited ‘royal properties’. Meanwhile in 2015/2016, 7,000,000 people visited the British Museum alone. In 2015 nothing related to the monarchy came close to the top 10 most visited attractions in the UK. The ‘monarcy bring money in’ is a myth, in 2016 Flamingo Land was visited more than any palace.

The ‘royal family’ cost about £350,000,000 a year, which is an unjustifiable amount of money considering that since 2010, people using food banks has jumped from 41,000 to 1,200,000.

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