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August 07 2017



Communism emerged from action and the working class, not from bourgeois and middle-class thinkers who only elucidated on and proved what the working people already knew.

Class consciousness is not a matter of reading Kropotkin, Marx, or Lenin (not that these are useless), but of becoming aware of yourself and your own agency and that is not in any book.

“I may not have read Marx’s Capital, but I have the marks of capital all over my body” –Big Bill Haywood

August 06 2017

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Jerusalem- Palestine 1890.

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no mercy jc

[T]he people who are endlessly boasting of their freedom – we’re the best because we’re free! – loathe the very suggestion of such a possibility for anyone other than themselves. They are forever stitching flags, making and threatening and dropping bombs, creating instruments of torture and torture chambers and overseers and deputies and detention centers. Their notion of freedom is so strenuously calisthenic, not to say defensive, that freedom becomes a matter of keeping everybody else out of your backyard.
— James Baldwin, “A Letter to Prisoners” (1982)
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Family gathering.


Aunt Carol is fucking ripped.

reblog if you love aunt carol

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traditional kurdish caps from the 20th century.

the labels below each cap indicate either the tribal or geographical origin of each cap.

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July 07 2017

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When white teachers call colonizers “explorers” to make them seem like brave people with an adventurous curiosity instead of genocidal, european supremacist bastards who wanted to exchange blood for money.

When white teachers explain mixed race children saying colonizers “fell in love” with native women to make them seem loving men instad of rapists and murderers.

When white teachers still call Native Americans “Indians” knowing damn well Christopher Columbus’ DUMB ASS just couldn’t read a map

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Just wanted to share this coming out story from a guy I saw on First Dates. He came out to his dad when he was 20, and then his mum when he was 21, after trying very hard to hide that part of himself and never really discussing anything like that in their household. Hearing his mother’s response after he explained all that was really gratifying. To all Muslim LGBT+ people, As-Salaam-Alaikum <3

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Gay liberation poster, 1970s

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jews of kurdistan. there used to be thousands of jewish kurds in the area of southern kurdistan, mostly around the city of hewlêr but majority of them left once the state of israel was created. now, the jewish kurds have claimed to be mistreated by the european jews for being “mizrahi” and wish to move back to kurdistan.

  1. group of jewish kurds in hewlêr.
  2. kurdish jew from the village of sindûr.
  3. kurdish jew from sılêmanî.
  4. from hewlêr - menashe sa’ad’s daughters. (L-R): farha, the wife of elisha yakob. shafika, wife of ezra ben shua hacham. habiba, wife of benyameen - chief of hewlêr’s police. aziza. early 1900s.
  5. classroom for jewish children in mosul. 1934. [archives of ben-zion].
  6. ben-zion with the kurdish jews of the village of sindûr. 1934.
  7. ben-zion stands with a 102 year old kurdish jew in the village of sindûr.





aint it wild how you could read about all the crimes committed by the US government from like a middle school library computer connected to wikipedia, like it’s so casually there 

Chomsky talks about how the US is an unusually free country in terms of like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of information.

But I think it also says a lot about how like the government just fundamentally doesn’t consider us a threat. They’ll let us know almost everything, what are we gonna do with that information, revolt? Like they can’t crush us within seconds?

Yea, it’s still wild tho, they willingly declassify information that basically shows them to be mass murdering war criminals/profiteers, but almost no one bats an eyelid

Chomsky also talks about how the U.S. doesn’t need repressive government censorship and revision when our media works pretty well as an american propaganda machine all by itself. According to him, it’s less that the government doesn’t see it’s citizens as a threat, but that it has so many other institutions in place that do the job of an overarching oppressive state. These institution help re-educate the public so to speak and soften possible revolutionary movements with misinformation and libel.

It probably doesn’t help that information literacy in most public school systems is abysmal. Having near unlimited access to information doesn’t help if kids/adults don’t know how to siphon out reliable/useful knowledge from the heaps of data that fill the internet/libraries/etc.

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This page once formed part of a now-dispersed manuscript known as the Great Mongol Shahnama, believed to have been produced in the 1330s at Tabriz. A large-scale work, it would have once contained nearly 300 folios with almost 200 paintings. The subject of this beautifully painted folio is unclear as its imagery does not relate directly to its surrounding text, but it likely represents the king Nushirvan dining.

(via Nushirvan Eating Food Brought by the Sons of Mahbud: Folio from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) | Work of Art | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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