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May 24 2017

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Artist Gay Block and her partner Malka Drucker collaborated on A Recontextualized Ketubbah, which appropriates an image of a marriage contract or ketubbah from Livorno (1751) in the Jewish Museum collection. In their reworking of this 18th century marriage contract, the couple superimposed an image of their wedding portrait, providing a new context to the traditional Jewish ritual object. The artists performed their Jewish wedding ceremony in 1989 surrounded by family and friends. The background of the photograph is a detail of the fabric from which the couple’s matching wedding garments were made.

May 23 2017

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…i did not expect to be touched while skimming a reddit thread on fetish origin stories

when you realize you enjoy making other people happy and a tangled web of acculturation leads you to express it in the most hilariously distasteful way possible

When a straight man finds out that bringing joy to other people feels good but has no lens for his feelings about women except sexuality so he fetishizes his literal own feelings

ешь ебущих богатых


Civilization. Sad!

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gal gadot is a zionist who served in the IDF & supports palestinian genocide, dont see the fucking wonder woman movie


The lengths some of y'all would go to stop Palestinians from expressing their feelings and reacting to their opression in the ways they see fit. I don’t think an oppressed people have ever had to be so careful as to not offend their oppressors for our complaints and reactions to be considered valid. Ah yes, she didn’t kill Palestinian children herself, she trained Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian children. Clearly this isn’t basically the same thing. Anyway, fuck Gal Godot, and fuck all y'all bending backwards to silence Palestinians as per usual. Having her play Wonder Woman is an offense to the character herself.

So yeah anyway, boycott the Wonder Woman movie, and fuck Israel.

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Anthony Bourdain, in his book A Cook’s Tour

I lived there for three years. He’s not wrong. Kissinger is a fucking war criminal.

What does Kissenger have to do with what Pol Pot did?


“For too long Pol Pot and his gang have been an iconic horror show  in the west, stripped of the reasons why. And this extraordinary film, it has  to be said, adds little to the why. When Pol Pot died in his bed a few years  ago, I was asked by a features editor to write about him. I said I would, but  that the role of “civilized” governments in bringing him to power, sustaining  his movement and rejuvenating it was a critical component. He wasn’t interested.

The genocide in Cambodia did not begin on April 17 1975, “Year  Zero.” It began more than five years earlier when American bombers killed  an estimated 600,000 Cambodians. Phosphorous and cluster bombs, napalm and dump  bombs that left vast craters were dropped on a neutral country of peasant people  and straw huts. In one six-month period in 1973, more tons of American bombs  were dropped on Cambodia than were dropped on Japan during the second world  war: the equivalent of five Hiroshimas.

The regime of Richard Nixon and Henry  Kissinger did this, secretly and illegally. Unclassified CIA files leave little doubt that the bombing was  the catalyst for Pol Pot’s fanatics, who, before the inferno, had only minority  support. Now, a stricken people rallied to them. In Panh’s film, a torturer  refers to the bombing as his reason for joining “the maquis”: the Khmer Rouge. 

What Nixon and Kissinger began, Pol Pot completed. And having been driven out  by the Vietnamese, who came from the wrong side of the cold war, the Khmer Rouge  were restored in Thailand by the Reagan administration, assisted by the Thatcher  government, who invented a “coalition” to provide the cover for America’s continuing  war against Vietnam. “

In addition, between 1970 and 1975 the US government explicitly supported the Lon Nol-lead junta, and may have provided him assistance in the 1970 coup. The actions of the Lon Nol government, especially in conducting open war in eastern Cambodia against the National Liberation Front/Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army forces, aided the Khmer Rouge in gaining popular support beyond the effects of American bombings. 

May 22 2017

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#dignitystrike #اضراب_الكرامة Today I am fasting in solidarity with the Palestinian Hunger Strikers on an National Call to action called by Palestinian American Students today. Over 1600 Palestinian Prisoners have been fasting for 36 days calling for Dignity. 36 DAYS. This is an emergency and we are responsible to take action. Can you imagine what they are going through? Below are easy things we can all do to push for their demands and victory:

Suggested Actions
1. Join the day long hunger strike.

2. Use the hashtag #DignityStrike36 on Twitter/Facebook

3. Take a picture with a sign that has the hashtag #DignityStrike36 and post it on your social media accounts.
4. Call the Red Cross to make greater efforts to aid the hunger strikers
-Red Cross office in Jerusalem +972-2-591-7900
-Red Cross national headquarters in Washington DC 1-800-733-2767" - https://www.facebook.com/events/125530734683800/

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Dominik Sadoch by Elise Toïdé - Maison Margiela, SS16

poor little alien

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#tb #DirtyDownUnder II Nxt: DIRTY DIANA #Sydney Presents @sebastianbartz aka #VeniceCalypso ( #london ) SATURDAY 10.06.17 Queen’s B'day W/end | link in bio 💖✨✊🏼 back at the Burdekin Rooms SYDNEY #thugonthestreetsfaginthesheets #dirtydiana #lovers #darlinghurst #fitasfuck #art #techno #homothug #love #fashion #lads #fantasy #filth #drtydna #faggotry #genderqueer #genderfuck #queer #gay #rave Pics by #photographer @elvisdifazio

Test of Russian as a Foreign Language


So, if you want to prove your Russian mastery to the world, especially to the world that doesn’t speak Russian, the best way is to undertake the TRKI (test of Russian as a foreign language) exams.  These internationally recognized exams have been developed by the Russian government and you can undertake them at your local Russian embassy (if you happen to have one nearby…).  They are especially useful for us self-studiers who want a piece of paper to prove our knowledge, but who don’t want to shell out a load of cash to follow a classroom based language course.

There are six different exams you can enroll for, each one helpfully corresponding to the CEFR levels of language (beginner: A1, A2; intermediate: B1, B2; advanced C1, C2 - basically if you pass the C2 exam you can officially consider yourself employable by MI6 as a spy on the Kremlin.)

For some time I’ve been looking for a set of example TRKI papers to judge where exactly my level is at, and today I finally came across a set complete with answer key and mp3s to simulate the listening section of the exam.

Below are links to each example paper for your testing pleasure.  Each downloads as a zip file containing a doc and an mp3 for the test.

Elementary Exam - A1

Basic Exam - A2

TRKI 1 - B1

TRKI 2 - B2

TRKI 3 - C1

TRKI 4 - C2

And if you happen to live in the UK, here is the link for the Russian Culture Center in London where you can enroll for the exam (although they only have one exam session in the summer unfortunately.)

just fyi none of those links work

One of my friends from school was kidnapped this week by ICE



Cal State Los Angeles student Claudia Rueda taken by ICE this morning. Please mobilize and spread the word #FreeClaudia

“Early this morning, Border Patrol conducted a raid in Boyle Heights kidnapping Claudia Rueda outside her home in Boyle Heights, immigrant rights organizer with the Los Angeles Immigrant Youth Coalition and student at Cal State Los Angeles. Claudia most recently lead a campaign to free her mom, Teresa, from ICE detention after Border Patrol agents similarly kidnapped Teresa from their home.

When the officials showed up this morning, family members knew not to open the door since the agents couldn’t produce a warrant. But they got to Claudia anyway while she was outside moving the family’s car. For several hours her family had no idea where she was.

Claudia has lived in the US nearly her entire life. She participated in college-prep programs, was a student at UC Santa Cruz, and transferred to Cal State LA where she is currently studying Latin American Studies and has the support of many professors and campus organizations.Claudia has been preparing for apply for DACA but had been unable to gather the money for the filing fees.

Claudia’s best friend states: “Claudia is an extremely supportive, empowering, and hard working friend. All throughout high school, she encouraged students to continue their studies in higher education, becoming involved in afterschool programs like ESCALERA. Throughout our college career, she has continuously supported me, offered her home, and her wisdom to continue being a hardworking student and following our passions.”

Call Border Patrol in Chula Vista at 619-498-9750 to demand DHS not initiate removal proceedings and release Claudia to let her apply for DACA and get back to her family and completing finals.

“Hi, my name is ________________, and I am a concerned community member calling in support of Claudia Sarahi Rueda Vidal, DOB: 1/15/95, a DACA eligible youth, college student and beloved community member from Boyle Heights. Claudia has been a mentor in the community to other youth and has long fought for justice for others. I demand that Border Patrol release her to her family and community to let her apply for DACA with USCIS.”


*** this is a copy and paste from her group’s Facebook. Claudia was head of a group of people that collaborated with my MSA and BLACK student union as well as the transgender rights/undocumented students group TRUCHA at our school. This is clearly a targeted attack because of her activism. I desperately need everyone’s help in trying to free her.

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May 21 2017

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Flower Boy

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